Ultrasound Spotlight

Ultrasound Spotlight: Aplio a-Series

July 16, 2021

With advanced technologies, seamless workflow, and adaptive ergonomics, the Aplio A-series is designed to be competitively priced while still providing multi-purpose, advanced imaging. The Aplio a550 combines industry-leading imaging technologies, advanced applications, and intuitive controls. Feature-rich, the Aplio a450 can be scaled to complement a wide range of diagnostic portfolios.   To guarantee outstanding productivity, both systems offer premium image…

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Cardiac Ultrasound System

Cardiac Ultrasound System

June 25, 2021

As a demanding medical specialty, cardiology is one of the most competitive categories for manufacturers of diagnostic ultrasound systems. In fact, the cardiovascular ultrasound system market worldwide is projected to grow by $620 million by 2025. Becoming more prevalent, 4D cardiac is now trickling down from premium into high-end and including some midrange ultrasound machines.…

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UAE Office

Ultrasound Spotlight: GE Vivid

June 11, 2021

As GE’s cardiovascular line of ultrasound systems, the GE Vivid lineup provides ultrasound services in a variety of cardiology applications such as Echo, Color Doppler, Transesophageal, and others. GE offers a range of products to fit the cardiovascular needs and applications at every budget level, from compact, lightweight, and portable to next-generation 4D technology. With so many options, it is…

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Portable Vascular Ultrasound System

May 28, 2021

In a rapidly evolving healthcare environment, portable ultrasound systems are frequently the first choice—and sometimes the only choice—for diagnostic imaging and triage. Once large and bulky, portable ultrasound systems are now compact and portable. Clinicians no longer have to rely on a single machine’s availability. With a smaller footprint, portable ultrasound systems can quickly move from room to room with…

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The History of Ultrasound

April 29, 2021

As the medical community’s needs continue to evolve, the technology used in medical ultrasound continues to make important improvements in patient outcomes, medical diagnosis, and treatment options. With an impressive history that begins with a study of bats, there is no denying the breakthroughs that ultrasound systems have given to the medical community over the past two centuries.

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