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As the leading provider of hand-carried, mountable ultrasound systems, Sonosite has revolutionized the idea of what is possible with modern imaging technology. Through innovative methods to create portable devices that can be transferred wherever care may be needed, it is no surprise that over 60,000 Sonosite ultrasound machines have been sold since being introduced to the market in 1999. Whether your practice is using a Sonosite Titan, Sonosite M-Turbo, Sonosite NanoMaxx or any other type of Sonosite system that needs repairs or maintenance, Advanced Ultrasound Systems has field service engineers needed to help quickly and affordably.

The Sonosite Portable Repair team at Advanced Ultrasound Systems works to provide ultrasound repair services for any Sonosite system at a local level. No matter where your practice may be within the continental United States, our team of engineers is ready to come and service your Sonosite ultrasound systems and probe equipment. In most cases, AUS can provide in-person service within eight working business hours to help minimize downtime that may make it harder for medical providers to complete their job accurately. Clinics can also rest easy knowing that, if a breakdown occurs on their Sonosite ultrasound system or critical maintenance is needed, our engineers provide emergency 24-hour service.

Commitment to Quality

Sonosite systems that show errors at bootup can signify a much larger issue that requires immediate attention to ensure consistent and accurate functionality. Our experience and parts inventory allow us to quickly diagnose the problem and have your machine up and running in no time. Through our tiered pricing structure, our customers do not have to worry about hidden costs or unexpected charges. Many of our customers can save up to 50% of OEM costs with faster service!

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We cover ALL aspects of Ultrasound. We can service almost any make or model system.

Common Sonosite Ultrasound Errors

As a factory-trained service provider for Sonosite Ultrasound systems, the engineers at Advanced Ultrasound Systems can diagnosis and fix many common errors that these machines can have. No matter what errors you may be experiencing, our field service technicians are sure to have the appropriate fix to get you back up and running in no time. If the repair will take longer than expected to fix, Advanced Ultrasound Systems also provides a fleet of dedicated Sonosite loaner systems to keep you running while we service your system.

TEchnician fixing ultrasound machine monitor
Error Code Common Symptom AUS Can Fix:
Assert Code 10960Unit starts with blue error screenYESn
Assert Code 11409 nnSystem Boot error, blue screenYES
Assert Code 13156System boots to error screenYES
Assert Code 16868Error screen appears when probe connectedYES
Assert Code 20130Boots to error screenYES
Assert Code 221Error screen appears when probe connectedYES
Assert Code 222Error screen appears when probe connectedYES
Assert Code 2719Error presents when CW Mode enabledYES
Assert Code 2726System shows blue error screen when probes connectedYES
Assert Code 4027Fails to Boot NormallyYES
Assert Code 9053Boots up to Blue Error ScreenYES