As the leading provider of ALL things ultrasound, Advanced Ultrasound Systems is the perfect partner for any repairs that may be needed on your systems. From circuit board repair down to individual components, our technicians are factory-trained on the most popular brands and systems currently on the market. No matter where you are within the continental United States, our field service engineers are ready to help with 24-hour emergency service whenever it may be needed.


With both preventative repair services and individual repair service options, Advanced Ultrasound Systems is the perfect partner for clinics and healthcare providers that need reliable equipment to complete their daily processes. We have invested heavily in our new facility and have one of the most extensive new and refurbished parts, probes, and systems inventory in the business. If you require ultrasound repairs, the team at AUS is just a call away!

Man fixing ultrasound motherboard

What Should I Expect?

Advanced Ultrasound Systems has access to a wide range of parts and probes that may not be available through other providers. Our vast inventory gives us access to over 15,000 parts that may be required for your repairs including components needed for discontinued models. No matter what your needs may be, our friendly and knowledgeable repairs staff is here to help ensure your system is up and running with minimal downtime.

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Field Service

The last thing clinics need is for their most vital pieces of ultrasound equipment to stop working during a busy day. While breakdowns and repairs are unavoidable, many of these health providers do not have the time or resources needed to ship their ultrasound systems out for repair. With this dilemma in mind, Advanced Ultrasound Systems strives to provide field service options whenever they may be needed within 8 working hours of the initial contact. This ensures minimal downtime and helps restore functionality to these crucial systems for clinics and healthcare providers across the continental United States.

Each field service engineer from AUS is highly trained and up-to-date on the most current platforms and systems that all major OEM brands have released. This makes us the perfect maintenance and repair partner for a variety of Biomedical and Imaging departments throughout the country. As an ISO 13486 company, our customers are guaranteed on-time delivery and quality repair services for any ultrasound systems that they may utilize in their practice. We are a pioneer in repairing circuit boards down to the component level, with the highest quality workmanship and warranted repairs at a fraction of OEM prices.

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Sonosite Repair

AUS Engineer inspective equipment

If you have a boot error on your Sonosite ultrasound system, our team of expert engineers is ready to help. Our experience and parts inventory allow us to quickly diagnose the problem and have your machine up and running in no time. With our tiered pricing structure, there are not any hidden costs or unexpected charges and many of our customers can save up to 50% from OEM costs while still obtaining faster service. Need expedited service? Yes, we offer that too!

If a SonoSite repair will take longer than expected, AUS has a fleet of dedicated Sonosite loaner systems to keep you running while we service your system. This helps ensure minimal downtime to allow our customers to continue with business as usual, even when their ultrasound systems are undergoing repairs. Many companies you see advertising "ultrasound repair" utilize AUS for their own repairs! Cut out the middleman and invest in proven repair services for your Sonosite systems and partner with Advanced Ultrasound Systems.

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We cover ALL aspects of Ultrasound. We can service almost any make or model system.

Preventative Maintenance

Advanced Ultrasound Systems preventative maintenance inspections employ evidence-based performance testing methods that exceed the requirements of the American College of Radiology and audits performed by The Joint Commission. When our customers invest in a Full Coverage Maintenance agreement, they can rest easy knowing that all travel, labor and parts for their system are covered. We also offer two preventative maintenance inspections for twelve months; all service calls are answered within 8 working hours and our technical support team is ready to provide telephone support at no additional charge.

Designed to be a comprehensive support package for clinics and hospitals that do not have in-house clinical engineering support, our all-inclusive contracts ensure that ultrasound systems and probes remain functional whenever they are needed throughout the agreement. With just one call you can improve your maintenance budget and invest in better uptimes for the equipment you are using daily. When you partner with Advanced Ultrasound Systems you can rest easy knowing that your clinic is in good hands whenever maintenance or repairs may be needed.

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Why Choose AUS?

Advanced Ultrasound Systems has invested heavily in our new facility and has one of the most extensive new and refurbished parts, probes, and systems inventory in the business. We take great pride in our reputation for doing whatever it takes to keep our customers happy and up and running with minimal downtime.

At AUS our customer service philosophy is that "The customer is always #1."