Probe Repair

Advanced Ultrasound Systems provides probe services for a full spectrum of transducers from most major manufacturers, including 2D, 3D/4D, matrix, TEE and intracavity probes. Whether you are experiencing imaging issues or patient safety issues, we address all your probe repair needs: lens repair, strain relief, cable repair, electronics.


  • 2D, 3D/4D, intracavity, and TEE Probes
  • Minor Repairs and Major Repairs

What Brands do we support?

  • Acuson/Siemens
  • Alpinion
  • Fuji/Sonosite
  • GE Healthcare
  • Analogic/BK Ultrasound
  • Mindray
  • Philips Medical
  • Canon/Toshiba
  • Samsung
Ultrasound Probe

The AUS Ultrasound Probe Repair Program Includes:

  • Free Evaluation*

    We provide free evaluations and repair quotes.

  • Exchange Services

    Need a probe? We are happy to send you out a quality replacement probe from our inventory at an "exchange" price while you send us your damaged probe.

  • Loaners Available

    Need a probe while your repair is being performed? No problem. We'll loan you a probe from our inventory while yours is being repaired.

  • Probe Sales

    Whether you need an exchange or add an additional probe, AUS has more than 300 of the most commonly used new and refurbished ultrasound probes in-stock and ready for shipment.

*Evaluation fee waived upon receipt of repair order. Excludes TEE Probes.

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Why Choose AUS?

  • 40-60% off OEM Prices

    AUS has been providing quality alternative parts to their customers for decades and is able to pass on great savings, many times the lowest prices.

  • Quality Parts Backed by AUS

    All of our refurbished parts, boards, probes go through a stringent Quality Management System to assure you are getting a quality part. All parts are quality tested as 'working' on an ultrasound system. AUS is ISO 13485:2016 certified.

    Our decades of experience refurbishing used parts has supplied us with the knowledge necessary to produce a product whose warranty rate many times is better than that of a new part.

  • Largest Inventory

    With one of the largest inventories of ultrasound parts available in the United States, AUS supports ultrasound users worldwide with an inventory of over 15,000 unique components, probes, and peripherals.

    Because of our ability to source or keep parts in stock for systems that have been discontinued or may no longer be in production, our customers trust us to supply all their replacement parts and probes.

  • Technical Support by Experts

    Our qualified engineers are ready to assist you with troubleshooting, parts identification, pricing, and installation guidance if needed. We are your Complete Care solution.