With a well-earned reputation for excellence among health care providers, Philip’s EPIQ line of ultrasound machines are equipped with new technologies that provide reliable, always-running solutions to enhance the care health organizations provide to patients. An innovative take on the classic EPIQ ultrasound system line, Philip’s EPIQ Elite is a premium ultrasound that provides exceptional workflow, clinical performance, and advanced intelligence.  

As hospitals and healthcare systems are tasked with providing cost-effective, higher quality care, ultrasound systems must meet the demand with faster, more consistent imaging performance. EPIQ Elite provides easier performance by assisting physicians to make accurate diagnoses the first time, in less time, delivering improved patient experience.  

EPIQ Elite offers a range of diagnostic ultrasound solutions tailored to the specific needs of medical specialties. New display technology combined with modern transducers, advanced software, and enhanced processing power make the EPIQ Elite the ideal imaging technology to help clinicians make a precise diagnosis. Its custom tools offer state-of-the-art ultrasound imaging technology. 

An immersive 24” HD display monitor enhances the ultrasound visualization experience with an ultra-wide color gamut of 10-bit color depth, using billions of colors for accurate color reproduction. The superior off-angle viewing allows for visualization throughout the scanning room while enhanced black levels and high-contrast dynamic range offer a subtle presentation of grayscale values.  

As the biggest breakthrough in piezoelectric transducer material in 40 years, the PureWave crystal technology provides exceptional imaging even on technically difficult patients. The virtually perfect uniformity of the crystals allows for greater bandwidth and twice the efficiency as that of conventional ceramic materials.  

Both powerful and versatile, the xMATRIX is the comprehensive suite of the world’s most innovative transducers. The xMatrix transducer technology provides 3D vascular images to allow clinicians to see directly into a vessel to assess plaque spatial location and composition, as well as 3D flow data to quickly determine stenotic conditions. In addition, the xPLANE imaging—exclusive to Philips—allows clinicians to simultaneously acquire two planes, improving accuracy and reducing exam time.  

The Elite’s nSIGHT Imaging outclasses standard ultrasound performance with advanced clarity. The multi-stage precision beamformer and massiveparallel processing capture a substantial amount of acoustic data and perform digital beam reconstruction while mathematically optimizing the focal processing. This means stunning real-time images with remarkable penetration, uniformity, and frame rate.  

After the XRES Pro Processing fractures the image elements, it then analyzes the data and applies advanced algorithms to sharpen images and provide superior tissue distinction. Additionally, the MicroFlow Imaging utilizes advanced artifact reduction techniques to reveal even small vessel anatomy with high resolution and minimal artifacts, overcoming many of the barriers conventional methods encounter.  

Central to the EPIQ Elite’s formidable architecture is Philip’s unique Anatomical Intelligence Ultrasound (AIUS) that makes this system an actively adaptive device. Due to the progressive organ modeling, image slicing, and validated quantification, exams are straightforward while providing sophisticated clinical information. Even with challenging diagnostic cases, clinicians can make decisions confidently with the exceptional workflow, clinical performance, and advanced intelligence the EPIQ Elite offers. 

Why Partner with Advanced Ultrasound Systems? 

Is your current ultrasound system reliable? Does it enhance the care your hospital or health organization is able to provide patients? Let the professional and knowledgeable team at AUS help you find the best fit and facilitate your organization’s transition to state-of-the-art ultrasound equipment. Advanced Ultrasound Systems is your source for ALL things ultrasound, including the Philip’s EPIQ portfolio. With complimentary technical support before and after every sale, our sales team is ready to keep you happy and up and running with minimal downtime. To learn more about the EPIQ Elite or other ultrasound systems, message us directly or call at (866) 620-2831.

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