Veterinary Ultrasound with Pet
February 16, 2022

The use of sonography has become increasingly more common with animal patients. Unlike x-ray images, ultrasound technology can produce clear images to help pinpoint pain sources or another ailment concerning the health and wellness of the body. This non-invasive and pain-free imaging method has no side effects for patients and helps provide a proper diagnosis and develop a treatment plan.

Ultrasound Use Within Veterinary Practices

The power of ultrasound within veterinary medicine can help doctors clearly understand what may be impossible to observe through other tools, such as x-rays. Fluid buildup, internal growths, and other illnesses can be easily detected when using an ultrasound modality within veterinary clinics and hospitals. This also saves time and money for the pet and their families and gives a reliable prognosis.

As veterinarians grow and develop within their medical practices, including purchasing ultrasound equipment, it is crucial first to determine how this technology will improve current practices and how personnel will be trained to appropriately apply such technological advances, including scheduling and charging patients for the provided service. The performance of ultrasound also includes detecting stones or masses that may be missed throughout emergency animal evaluations and treatments. Personnel must become confident in performing basic ultrasound scanning to help prevent possible misdiagnosis of patients.

Veterinarian examines the dog using ultrasound

Why Use Ultrasound in Veterinary Practices?

Ultrasound technology has evolved through medical examinations, giving a multi-purpose capability to help provide rapid and safe results. This technology will also provide the veterinary clinics and hospitals credibility by giving patients and their families a safe and reasonably inexpensive way of evaluating medical concerns. Such services may be provided for procedures involving fluid extraction, biopsies, fluid checks, single organ, or other musculoskeletal structure scans.

This diagnostic scanning can give doctors the information needed to treat patients noninvasively effectively. This service can significantly benefit your veterinary practice as required – based on clientele and realistic incorporation within diagnostic and treatment processes. Veterinarians must understand what is needed within their practice and how to offer complete diagnostic equipment as needed. By developing a timeline of implementation within a veterinary practice, there are also benefits and trends of financial revenue that will increase throughout the plan of ultrasound practice.

Expanding Internal Competencies with Ultrasound Training

Becoming skilled within veterinary ultrasound technology takes time and effort from the technicians and other personnel who acquire such training. There are beginner, intermediate, advanced, and even refresher courses available throughout training academies or other programs available for ultrasound practice; however, these are facets that Advanced Ultrasound Systems can handle after the purchase of a qualifying veterinary ultrasound system.

The doctor does an ultrasound examination of the cat's abdomen

Advanced Veterinary Ultrasound offers entry-level courses where each participant gains basic knowledge of image quality, how to improve images, plus terms, principles, and business application for exams.

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Once ultrasound training is completed, providers must continue to practice their skills across various organ scans and other areas regarding real-life diagnosis within the practice setting. A supportive learning environment where you have a lead example from doctors or trained technicians should also oversee and help guide new learners as they transition from training back to the clinic or hospital.

As doctors decide to purchase this equipment for their practices, it is vital to understand purchasing power and how it will translate into how well the ultrasound machine functions. Price ranges can be from $5,000-$250,000 depending on the need and quality of ultrasound for different patient needs within rural or urban locations and their surrounding communities.

Why Choose Advanced Ultrasound Systems for Veterinary Ultrasound?

Because it can offer an immediate revenue boost, ultrasound equipment is a wise investment for veterinarians. At AUS, our professional and knowledgeable team is ready to help you find the best fit while facilitating your veterinary clinic’s transition to state-of-the-art veterinary ultrasound equipment. Whether new or used, ultrasound plays an integral role in veterinary medicine. With complimentary technical support before and after every sale, our sales team is ready to keep you happy and up and running with minimal downtime. To learn more about which ultrasound system is best suited for your facility, message us directly or call today to get started.

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