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January 12, 2022

The average American spends 90,000 hours at work in their lifetime, proving just how important it is to choose a career with purpose and passion in mind. Stagnancy in the workplace can lead to boredom and frustration, whereas creating a long-term career plan will motivate, provide new fulfillment areas, and advance your career.

There are multiple benefits to advancing your career. The most obvious is increased income; however, the most positive impact goes beyond money: new opportunities arise with an upward career trajectory.

Advancement in one’s career can manifest in several ways, from a job promotion to specialty training. Career growth generally signifies professional development. Many working adults advance their careers by gaining new knowledge and skills to apply on the job. Committing the time and energy to gain new knowledge and skills shows employers that you are willing to invest in your career and the company.

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AUS System Service Training

The practical, hands-on System Service Training program at AUS is optimal for HTM professionals, field service engineers, and clinical/imaging engineers. Through the program, students learn many skills, including servicing and maintaining ultrasound equipment with confidence. Studying the key issues sonographers and technologists face, students streamline their troubleshooting, diagnosing, and repairing techniques.What’s more, students of AUS’ System Service Training program receive access to knowledge amassed through years of multi-vendor field service experience, continued access to ultrasound expertise, access to quality parts and technical support, and priority service on parts requests.

Students learn clinical/imaging engineer methodologies through hands-on sessions and troubleshooting exercises and graduate from the program with a completion certificate with hours for CEU’s, eight hours per day, and downloadable electronic support materials.

At AUS, we stand behind what we teach. For us, this means students graduate knowing how to service systems and complete performance testing to ensure maximum up-time and clinical efficacy. Additionally, graduates receive extended telephone/video technical support.

With our program, you will have access to a wide range of common OEM systems, though we will also customize classes to fit your needs. Our instructors have extensive experience in diagnostic imaging and the teaching of professionals in servicing and supporting ultrasound equipment.

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Train Today with Advanced Ultrasound Systems

If your resume is getting dusty, consider expanding your skills with AUS’ System Service Training program. At Advanced Ultrasound Systems, we are equipped to not only train but empower you to maintain and service ultrasound with confidence. Our extensive experience in field service, quality assurance, and technical support makes AUS a leader in ultrasound sales, servicing, and training.

We know that training is an important aspect of professional growth. By expanding your education and training, you will learn more about your potential. If you are ready to take the time to better yourself and positively impact your career, the team at Advanced Ultrasound Systems is here to help. Call or Message us directly to get started.

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