BK Medical’s ultrasound technologies have been used to improve medical diagnostics and expand the abilities of patient care providers for over 30 years. With a unique focus on procedure-driven modalities like surgery, point of care, and urology, their award-winning range of Flex Focus ultrasound systems and transducers are well known for their distinctive real-time image capabilities as well as their portability and ease of use. Flex Focus ultrasound systems not only improve efficiency, but they also ensure increased speed with sensitive color Doppler technologies. 

The Flex Focus family of ultrasound systems from BK Medical includes five unique systems designed to meet the particular needs of medical professionals and ultrasound techs. In addition to the standard features that each brings to fulfill the unique requirements of the modalities they are designed for, other great options are available to expand capabilities, including X-Shine, Vector Flow Imaging (VFI), and Contrast-Enhanced Ultrasound. These key features can further improve medical diagnostic imaging capabilities while providing the information needed to help improve patient outcomes. 

BK Medical Flex Focus 800

The Flex Focus 800 ultrasound system was designed with high-end surgical procedures in mind. In addition to this, some of the unique features included in this system also make it an excellent choice for urology and general imaging, including Quantum Technology™ that provides high resolution, real-time imaging, and a sealed keyboard for easy disinfection or sterilization. Because this system utilizes a sterilizable wireless remote control, it can also be controlled from anywhere within the surgical suite without sacrificing access to crucial functions. 

BK Medical Flex Focus 500

Designed to be a powerful, flexible ultrasound system for busy clinics, the Flex Focus 500 includes onboard support for several different modalities, including colorectal surgery, urology, urogynecology, general imaging, vascular, and much more. In addition to this, the system also supports a broad range of state-of-the-art transducers to enable access to any area needed for imaging. Because this ultrasound system has such a small footprint, it can fit into tight spaces while remaining maneuverable for up to four hours of plug-free imaging. 

BK Medical Flex Focus 400

Ideal for private practices, the Flex Focus 400 ultrasound system from BK Medical ensures excellent mobility while remaining ultra-portable. This unique system features a high-resolution, 19″ monitor with premium performance, efficiency, and speed. Like other models within the Flex Focus family, the Flex Focus 400 supports a comprehensive portfolio of transducers, advanced puncture guides, and much more while remaining easy to disinfect or sterilize. 

BK Medical Flex Focus 300

Developed with urology practices in mind, the Flex Focus 300 provides excellent kidney, bladder, and testes imaging with a wide range of transducers designed to meet any urology application. The outstanding image quality provided by this ultrasound system ensures precise kidney imaging to locate kidney stones, measure flow and see all anatomical details clearly. Other valuable features include a sensitive color Doppler for clear visualization of the penile arteries and testes. 

Why Choose Advanced Ultrasound Systems? 

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