GE Vivid E90

22-Inch High-Resolution OLED Monitor
12-Inch LCD Touch Screen
Adjustable Floating Keyboard
Data Management
Easy Mobility
4 Active Probe Parts
Speckle Reduction Imaging
Coded Harmonic Imaging
Tissue M-Mode
Tissue Trackig Mode
Contrast Imaging LVO Contrast

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GE Vivid E90 – Cart-Based
The GE Vivid E90 is a premium cardiovascular ultrasound system that takes the position of the GE Vivid E9 by integrating a new and advanced software-based image processing system called cSound as well as XDclear transducer options. Although the Vivid E90 is mainly designed as a dedicated cardiovascular ultrasound system, it also covers a wide range of clinical applications through different types of transducers.