Image Quality Troubleshooting – Testing Your Probe Transducers

September 27, 2022

When your ultrasound machine is experiencing image quality issues, rule of thumb is to test your probes. If the probe malfunctions, it can affect the rest of the machine and can provide skewed results, possibly resulting in a misdiagnosis. Here are some guidelines for ultrasound transducer troubleshooting to help you see the signs and keep…

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Maintain Your Ultrasound for Peak Performance

September 26, 2022

by: Jim Rickner Correctly maintaining your ultrasound is essential for peak performance.  But what steps can we take to ensure that we complete the necessary tasks.  Start by reviewing the OEM’s user manual and seeing what steps they recommend.  Some OEMs state that no PMs (preventative maintenance services) are required but then dictate that the…

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Probe Care and Handling

August 4, 2022

HELP REDUCE PROBE SPEND IN YOUR DEPARTMENT OR FACILITY Education is Key I’ve been asked to help organizations educate their staff on probe care and handling to reduce the overall cost for repair and replacement.  Because the mishandling of probes is the #1 cause of damage and need for repair, you can play a significant…

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Divide and Conquer!

July 26, 2022

Troubleshooting a malfunctioning ultrasound system Troubleshooting a malfunctioning ultrasound system can be a daunting task but it doesn’t have to be.  By breaking the system down into sub-systems, it is easier to locate the source of the problem.  Breaking the System into Sub-systems There are three major sub-systems in an ultrasound.  The “backend”, the “frontend”…

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Error code for ultrasound machine failure

Ultrasound System Failures

June 22, 2022

Types of ultrasound system failures and telling the difference between them Although routine maintenance and inspections can minimize breakage and downtime, no matter how well an ultrasound machine is cared for, it will break at some point. Parts begin to wear down and software sometimes fails. Here are a few ultrasound system failure modes. INTERMITTENT…

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Ultrasound Machine Caster

Adjusting Brakes Can Save Casters and Injury

June 15, 2022

Ultrasound system carts use plates than can lock front to back movement as well as steering rotation when pressure is applied to the plate by the user’s foot. If this pressure is weakened, then the casters move while in locked mode.  This could cause injury and/or damage to the break assembly. Did you know that…

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Doctor is examining heart's patient by echocardiogram for diagnosis disease


May 16, 2022

Press Release Title Honoring HTMs with Catered Lunch, BOGO Training, and Discounts TULSA, OKLAHOMA — May 16, 2022 — Advanced Ultrasound Systems (AUS), a leading provider of ultrasound equipment, parts, probes, service, and training announces planned offerings and catered lunches in celebration of Healthcare Technology Management (HTM) Week. Each year the Association for the Advancement…

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transesophageal ultrasound

System Spotlight: GE Vivid E9

March 23, 2022

March 23, 2022 Today’s society is one in which almost everyone is always on-the-go and in a rush. This results in patience being at an all-time low. The last thing people want to do is have a long wait at the doctor’s office. Enter the GE Vivid E9 with XDclear imaging system. GE has done…

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Doctor is examining heart's patient by echocardiogram for diagnosis disease


March 15, 2022

March 15, 2022 Top 100 Based on Member Reviews Advanced Ultrasound Systems (AUS), a leading provider of ultrasound equipment, parts, service, and training was named in DOTmed’s 2022 Top 100 list. DOTmed annually publishes this list of top-ranked vendors and suppliers in the healthcare industry in their magazine, Healthcare Business News. This comprehensive list is…

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Mindray DP-50

System Spotlight: Mindray DP-50 Vet

February 23, 2022

February 23, 2022 The new DP-50 Vet is a product of Mindray’s technological prowess, featuring a sleek new design paired with comprehensive configurations. The DP-50 Vet is the latest model in Mindray’s efforts to provide the veterinary healthcare world with a more effective, efficient, and accessible imaging system. The DP-50 Vet brings more than one…

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