Mindray TE7

Mindray TE7

Designed for durability and disinfection, the TE7 ultrasound system from Mindray protects a clinic’s investment with easily-upgradable enhancements to maintain state-of-the-art performance. The Crystal Series upgrade for TE7 ultrasound systems helps elevate system performance to provide enhanced functionality from routine point-of-care exams to time-sensitive situations that require an immediate and accurate diagnosis. For clinicians that need the tools to enable precise and confident decisions, the TE7 ultrasound system is the only choice.


  • iNeedle™ Automatically Tracks Needle Angle and Improves Visibility
  • M-Secure Ensures Patient Data Protection and Cybersecurity
  • Z-Tracking™ Attaches Transducers to Patient’s Medical Record
  • CEUS Imaging Improves Contrast and Temporal Resolution

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