Ultrasound System Failures

Types of ultrasound system failures and telling the difference between them

Although routine maintenance and inspections can minimize breakage and downtime, no matter how well an ultrasound machine is cared for, it will break at some point. Parts begin to wear down and software sometimes fails. Here are a few ultrasound system failure modes.


Intermittent problems like report failures and software anomalies require in depth troubleshooting and investigating. The sonographer is integral to diagnosis because their input is necessary to duplicate the failure and may well be the cause of the failure. Anything that they can touch or use to operate the ultrasound machine, like knobs, dials, and screens, are potential failure points.  Understanding system functions and software may be necessary to pinpoint the failure’s cause.


Soft failures typically occur on the backend of the machine: CPU, software, and anything that directly relates to the creation of the image on the screen. Soft failures can be found on the system’s error log.  Although the log will show where the error is, the log isn’t always accurate in the description or location of a problem, so additional investigation may be necessary.


Hard failures have to do with the hardware of the machine, hence, the name.  They are usually easy to diagnose, but are typically catastrophic to not only the systems, but also the workflow of the practice or department. Hard failures are traceable back to a certain board, power supply, monitor, or transducer.  In this category of failures, the causes tend to cluster around the weakest points in the design of the machine: hardware that can be damaged (i.e. probes), can heat up or switch fast.  These fixes most likely require a replacement part.

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