Modern telehealth and telemedicine technologies are available to healthcare providers of all sizes that are willing to invest in the needed infrastructures. Unfortunately, many of these solutions are incredibly expensive and require new hardware, extensive training, unreasonably long contracts and unmanageable set-up times. In response to this, many healthcare providers have sought out solutions that are not HIPPA compliant like Facetime, Zoom, WeChat and other similar platforms – potentially creating security concerns for patients and their personal data.

To meet this need, Nautilus Medical, Inc. has worked to create a new system named TeleRay to provide a complete telehealth solution for healthcare providers that remains compliant with the Telehealth Services During Certain Emergency Periods Act of 2020. Not only can this technology help improve patient treatment during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, but is it also an elastic, HIPPA-compliant platform that can be implemented immediately to allow for the quick on-boarding of patients while removing the pre-existing hardware and infrastructure needs similar systems require.

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Teleray Live from Nautilus Medical, Inc. also allows a sonographer or physician to send ultrasound imaging during a live scan to a healthcare provider that may be in another office or completely different area to provide extended support. By utilizing Peer-to-Peer (P2P) networks and high-speed cellular networks when bandwidth may not meet minimum requirements, the Nautilus Teleray system enables improve ultrasound imaging anywhere it may be needed to improve patient outcomes in even the most remote locations possible.

Nearly 80% of all primary care visits do not require physical interaction, making the need for a system like Nautilus Teleray incredibly valuable to the modern healthcare industry. Tools like TeleRay provide real-time support for these medical professionals across many different modalities to ensure can adjust, view and consult under high-pressure and time-sensitive situations that could greatly impact the health of a patient. Particularly in rural areas where patients lack access to high-level care that could increase their risks of a variety of illnesses or create complications in the level of patient outcomes that can be achieved.

Transferring to a reliable imaging platform that meets the unique needs of telehealth patients is more important than ever and the financial benefits that can be achieved are immense. No matter what your specific telehealth needs may be, or what existing equipment you may be using, our sales team is confident that we can find the right solution to meet the unique needs of your clinic or healthcare facility. We encourage you to learn more about Nautilus systems to determine if they are the right fit for you.

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