Ultrasound Spotlight: GE Logiq E10

As the next-generation leader in ultrasound systems for radiology, the GE Logiq E10 offers a full suite of advanced imaging tools with multipurpose capabilities. With advanced image quality and exam speed, Logiq E10 will help you handle cases with confidence and ease.nnAs healthcare has become increasingly dynamic and intelligent, the same is true for ultrasound systems. As a leader in ultrasound systems and accessories, GE Healthcare has helped clinicians make faster, more informed decisions by utilizing data analytics, intelligent devices, and the expansion of their Edison intelligence platform.nnGE Healthcare’s commitment to innovation and excellence is seen in each new ultrasound system they develop. With more than 100 years of healthcare industry experience and over 50,000 employees globally, GE Healthcare drives productivity and improves the outcomes for patients, health providers, and clinicians. In fact, on average, approximately three patients are imaged using GE Healthcare ultrasound systems each second. With a long history in ultrasound, GE’s Logiq E10 supports digital transformation to provide innovative solutions, in any clinical area, with portability and cleanability.

As an artificial intelligence (AI)-based radiology ultrasound system, this device is designed to produce high-quality images to evaluate various body parts, including the liver, abdomen, breast, thyroid, testes, and heart. Additionally, the Logiq E10 is used for the diagnosis and treatment of patients for a variety of conditions.nnLogiq E10 is a mobile console or cart-based system comprised of features such as a 12-inch liquid crystal display (LCD) touchscreen with a color, wide-screen monitor, easy-to-reach controls, and an adjustable, floating control panel and keyboard. The E10 ultrasound system’s transducers are constructed of biocompatible materials.nnWith the new, exclusive cSound Architecture, like that of next-gen GPUs used in gaming, electronics, and driverless vehicles, Logiq E10 delivers unparalleled imaging performance. Compared to traditional ultrasound, real-time imaging is accomplished with 10x the processing power and 48x the data throughput, providing more details than ever before.

GE Logiq E10

GE’s Logiq E10, as a digital ecosystem, can communicate with the external world while delivering added solutions for you, your patients, and your facility.

  • Extraordinary frame rate
  • With each pixel in focus, adjustments are not needed
  • Uniformity increased, from near to far-field
  • Exceptional spatial and contrast resolution images of even deep targets with a cSound Imageformer
  • More patient data, in any imaging mode, acquired and processed in real-time using XDclear probes with broad bandwidth and function
  • Diagnosis confidence even with difficult cases and early stages of the disease
  • Strengthened privacy and data security using SonoDefense
  • Ability to do non-invasive assessment of lesion stiffness using shear wave elastography, and quantitative tissue assessment using strain elastography
  • Compare Assistant using fusion imaging technology enables the clinician to easily view a previous ultrasound, mammography, CT or MR study on the system monitor
  • Smart device compatibility to control performance remotely and capture images
  • Tools to analyze performance management
  • Cloud-based image collection using communication platform Tricefy, allowing for image sharing, remote viewing, and storage of electronic health records

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