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As a leading provider of ultrasound repair and retail services, we know how confusing it can be to find the right brand or model for your business. And, even worse, once you have that system installed in your facility, you need to ensure that your sonographers or clinicians know how to use it properly to ensure a quick and accurate diagnosis for patients. Fortunately, many of these growing pains can be avoided with the proper level of training and attention to detail. Whether you are weighing your options or have just purchased a new ultrasound system, pouring over included manuals and training materials to being employee training may not be an exciting prospect. But what if there was an easier way to complete training with expert guidance?

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At Advanced Ultrasound Systems, we know that the ultrasound systems we sell to clinics or healthcare facilities are only effective if clinicians, physicians and the other employees responsible for operating them have had thorough and informative training. For this reason, we proudly offer a range of training services to help easily install, setup and teach the methods of effectively operating each system we provide as a complimentary service after the purchase. Our practical, hands-on training is ideal for clinics that want to ensure their investment in newer, modern ultrasound systems is not lost by a lack of proper instruction and education on how to use it. This customer-focused approach is just one more reason why so many clinics and healthcare facilities nationwide trust the experts at Advanced Ultrasound Systems.

What Should I Expect?

With 30+ years of experience, our RDMS RVT on-site Clinical Specialist will provide peer-to-peer education and consultation to Sonographer and other healthcare staff in support of end-user needs. System setup, customization, advanced feature applications and product overview are all provided with the purchase of an ultrasound system. The goal of this service is to ensure your sonographers or clinicians are confident in their ability to begin using new ultrasound systems as soon as possible.

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Extended Support for Clinics

For most clinics, investing in new ultrasound equipment can be an expensive endeavor. Compounded with the increased need for specialized training, this can often turn off many potential buyers simply because they think they cannot afford it or invest the proper amount of time into the process needed to ensure the systems are not only used properly but maintained as efficiently as possible to limit unneeded maintenance or misuse. The team at Advanced Ultrasound Systems is proud to provide extended support for clinics by not only helping them get a new or refurbished ultrasound system at a great price but also ensuring they have the training needed for the brand and model they have chosen as an extension of our customer service.

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Our Clinical Specialists understand that the needs of each clinic or healthcare facility are different, so we provide product recommendations and subsequent training options on a case-by-case basis. Our primary goal is to ensure that the installation and training process is not a burden and your sonographers will be confident in their ability to use the systems both now and whenever future updates may be needed. From the on-board software found on your ultrasound model to the proper use and disinfection of transducers or probes, our ultrasound training experts are here to help during every step of the process. We are confident you will not find a better partner for your clinic’s ultrasound retail or training needs.

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A Better Ultrasound Systems Installation Process

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As a leading provider of ultrasound repair and retail services, Advanced Ultrasound Systems has refined the installation process to not only provide complete care for our clients but also ensure everything is working to their standards to minimize the impact it has on their ability to further serve patients. Our goal is to not only expedite the process but also ensure that the ultrasound systems we provide function optimally as soon as they are installed. Below you will find the typical steps that our ultrasound systems undergo from the time they arrive at our facilities to their arrival at their destination.

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    Ultrasound systems arrive at our ISO 13485 certified facilities and are tested and repaired to ensure peak performance and no issues are detected that might hinder the functionality or accuracy that the system can provide.

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    Engineers coordinate directly with the client’s onsite PACS & IT before system delivery. Through this step, we can enhance the installation process by providing a “plug & play” system on arrival. This also allows for expedited use without further interruption in patient care.

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    Once the system arrives at its destination, it is already prepared for facility accreditation through the American Institute of Ultrasound Maintenance and American College of Radiology. Advanced Ultrasound Systems Service Engineers are also available to clients for assistance with facility accreditation when requested.

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    Following system installation, Advanced Ultrasound Systems provides Sonographer and Physician applications training that is included with each ultrasound system purchase. Our on-site Applications Specialist is available to support staff by optimizing the system, customization, and functionality training. 

To fulfill our commitment to complete care for our clients, Advanced Ultrasound Systems also offers the benefit of “virtual” on-site training through advanced medical technologies. This allows us to promptly maintain or meet the needs of clients. To learn more about these processes or if you need additional support that was not mentioned, please reach out to our team and we would be more than happy to assist you.

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Advanced Ultrasound Systems has invested heavily in our new facility and has one of the most extensive new and refurbished parts, probes, and systems inventory in the business. We take great pride in our reputation for doing whatever it takes to keep our customers happy and up and running with minimal downtime.

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