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October 27, 2021

The Mindray Vetus 7 is ideal for the veterinary practice looking to perform abdominal, superficial, cardiac, reproduction, and musculoskeletal exams consistently. The Vetus 7 incorporates a powerful software package with customization, transducer technology, and ease-of-use through a cart-based system. Its setup is designed with the user in mind, including a 21.5 inch LED monitor, a 13.3-inch ultra-slim touchscreen with angle adjustment, and a 180-degree articulating arm that offers five-dimensional flexibility to suit clinical needs.

Additional features include built-in cable management, four probe ports, and a 360-degree wheel design. And with cutting-edge 3T transducer technology, clinicians have optimal acoustic energy conversion, reducing “cross-talk” while providing better penetration and resolution than standard transducer technology. Together, Mindray’s 3T tech and ComboWave technology provide superior spatial/contrast resolution as well as image uniformity on the linear transducer. The powerful attributes of the Vetus 7 make it an ideal system for point-of-care veterinary imaging.

The Mindray Vetus 7’s probe lineup allows the system to adapt to animals of all sizes.

For small animals, the C11-3s Micro-convex Array Transducer is perfect for abdominal scanning and basic cardiology in small dogs, cats, and exotic animals. The P10-4s High Frequency Phased Array Transducer is optimal for cardiac scanning in small animals.

The L12-4s Linear Array Transducer is perfect for superficial and MSK scanning for small to medium-sized animals, while the P8-2s Mid/High Frequency Phased Array Transducer is ideal for cardiac scanning.

As for medium to large animals, the C6-2s Convex Array Transducer is suitable for abdominal, reproduction, and MSK scanning due to the high penetration and wide field of view. Additionally, the P4-2s Low Frequency Phased Array Transducer is fitting for cardiac scanning, while the 6LE5Vs Endocavity Transducer and its 3-meter cable are optimal for reproduction scanning in large species.

Cat having ultrasound scan in vet office

The Superior Software of the Mindray Vetus 7

  • iScape view with real-time panoramic imaging
  • Smart, freehand 3D
  • iNeedle with clear visualization and needle guidance for interventional operation
  • Elastography to sense stiffness with color-coding options
  • Free Xros, Anatomical M-mode
  • Free Xros, Curved Anatomical M-mode
  • Tissue Tracking and Quantitative Analysis to track myocardial contraction through the detection of 2D speckle patterns
  • Automatic Ejection Fraction Calculation to detect LV, ESV, EDV, and EF
  • TDI Quantification Analysis of myocardium motion with strain/strain rate
  • iClear to automatically clear the parenchyma noise while sharpening tissue border for better contrast resolution
  • Auto Calculation to trace the spectrum while calculating pulse wave and continuous doppler wave

User-friendly Interface

  • Touchscreen loaded with frequently-used exams
  • Ease of switching transducers and exam modes within seconds
  • Dedicated UI and ease of workflow for veterinary practices
  • iWorks utilizes automated workflow protocols to standardize and simplify the workflow by adding annotation, bodymark, and measurement, reducing up to 50 percent of exam time and 80 percent of keystrokes.
  • Professional veterinary image presets for different animals’ body characteristics, divided into categories by weight and body size for precise diagnosis.

Purchase a VETUS 7 with AUS and Enjoy a 5-Year Warranty

Why Partner with Advanced Ultrasound Systems?

With its small footprint and intelligent workflow, the Mindray Vetus 7 is an ideal diagnostic tool for your practice. If you would like to learn more about what Mindray’s Vetus 7 ultrasound system can do for your veterinary practice, let the trusted retail team at AUS help you find the best fit and facilitate your organization’s transition to state-of-the-art ultrasound equipment. Advanced Ultrasound Systems is your source for ALL things ultrasound, including some of the most popular Mindray ultrasound systems available. With complimentary technical support before and after every sale, our sales team is ready to keep you happy and up and running with minimal downtime. To learn more, message us directly or call today to get started.

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