Mindray DP-50
February 23, 2022

The new DP-50 Vet is a product of Mindray’s technological prowess, featuring a sleek new design paired with comprehensive configurations. The DP-50 Vet is the latest model in Mindray’s efforts to provide the veterinary healthcare world with a more effective, efficient, and accessible imaging system. The DP-50 Vet brings more than one would expect from a premium black and white ultrasound system, offering a color Doppler function.

This ultrasound imaging system comes with a full screen, a new shape, and more convenient operations. Mindray’s new DP-50 Vet is affordable, reliable, and well-suited for various veterinary clinical needs and will surely enhance general veterinary practices.

Mindray DP-50

The DP-50 Vet brings better quality performance in a variety of ways.

  • Phase Shift Harmonic Imaging, or PSH for short, offers a purified harmonic image. This feature gives better contrast resolution, which provides clearer images with excellent resolution and less noise.
  • iScape gives a complete and extended view of the anatomical structure through panoramic imaging. This is paired with velocity indication and forward and backward scan ability making scanning easier, smoother, and more controllable.
  • iClear adds improved image quality based on auto structure detection. This gives the user sharper and more continuous edges, smooth uniform tissues, and cleaner “no echo” areas.
  • iBeam allows for multiple scanned angles to form a single image. This results in enhanced contrast resolution and improved visualization.
  • ExFov and Trapezoid Imaging gives better diagnostic information from the extended view of the anatomical structure on all convex and linear probes.
  • B-Steer is a tool that allows for deeper biopsy. This is accomplished by adjusting the scan line to visualize the needle, nerves, and small vessels better.
  • Free Xros M auto measures the anterior and posterior wall thickness, providing accurate carotid status.
  • PW Doppler and Auto Trace reveal blood flow details for a more comprehensive diagnosis.

Combining these high-tech performance features truly makes the DP-50 Vet stand out in the veterinary field.

Superior Ultrasound for Veterinary Practices

On top of all of these state-of-the-art features are some cool things to enhance ergonomics in the workplace. A sleek, compact shape and the slim trolley allow for better mobility and storage. The 60-degree tilting monitor allows for a better viewing angle of the captured images.

The Dp-50 also comes with two universal transducer connectors, a 1.5-hour rechargeable battery life while scanning, and a convenient carrying case for transportation purposes. The most impressive asset to this already loaded system is the 1TB hard disk, giving way to more extensive patient data storage. All of the features above lend to the fact that Mindray’s new DP-50 Vet is a must in the world of veterinary healthcare practices.

Along with the many new features that improve performance, this new imaging system offers functions to improve workflow.

  • iStorage directly transfers and reports to the PC via a network cable.
  • iTouch allows for instant auto image optimization in B, Color, and PW modes with the click of a single key.
  • iZoom is one of Mindray’s unique patient information management systems. This allows the user to integrate, review, archive, and retrieve patient data more effectively.

With the unveiling of the DP-50 Vet, Mindray set a new standard in the world of veterinary ultrasound imaging. Every detail, down to the last of the many high-tech features, proves that Mindray truly has the best intentions of its users in mind while developing their systems.

Easy Technology Upgrade

We have found the real benefit of the DP-50 is the ability to upgrade the system to a color system at any time by purchasing an upgraded option.   This allows clinics to upgrade their system as they grow their ultrasound business.  Most first-time users start with a black and white system and then have to upgrade to a color system as they become more proficient.    With the new Dp-50, they simply enable the color option after they purchase the option key from us!

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