System Spotlight: GE Vivid E90

Inspired by the vital work you perform with patients daily, the GE Vivid E90 is equipped to help reduce tedious tasks while improving workflow. As GE’s latest innovation, the Vivid E90 is fitted with AI-based technology, assisting clinicians with accurate, reproducible, and high-quality exams. The Vivid E90 is one of GE’s premium cardiovascular ultrasound systems, offering a host of advanced features and making it hard to beat its value, power, and performance. nnDesigned for cardiology, emergency medicine, internal medicine, and vascular applications, the E90 comes equipped with a long list of premium features for image quality, performance, and advanced technologies. With the help of enhanced color and clarity, clinicians can effortlessly navigate smooth, continuous, and detailed images, even in applications beyond cardiology.

Doctor is examining heart's patient by echocardiogram for diagnosis disease

The Vivid E90 produces information with high contrast and spatial resolution regardless of a patient’s body type or condition. Utilizing true confocal imaging, the Vivid E90 offers uniform focusing and increased contrast resolution, encompassing the entire field of view at high frame rates. nnAdditionally, the Vivid E90 has upgraded hardware, more options for single crystal XDclear and XMatrix transducers, more powerful beamforming software, and improved quantification packages. XDclear transducer technology means excellent contrast resolution, color sensitivity, and spectral crispness. nnThe E90 introduces GE Vivid’s latest innovation: cSound, a powerful, software-based beamformer image reconstruction platform that takes the Vivid E90 ultrasound to a whole new level – potentially reducing non-diagnostic exams and cost of care. In contrast to outdated hardware-based systems, cSound provides increased performance in near-field image quality, image uniformity, lateral wall definition, and penetration.

The Vivid E90’s modern ergonomics allow clinicians to streamline exams both comfortably and efficiently utilizing up-to-date, convenient features such as a 12” UHD LCD touchscreen along with an adjustable, high-quality 22” high-resolution wide-screen OLED monitor. The E90’s more intuitive workflow combined with supreme ergonomics guarantees a pleasant experience for sonographers.


Your time is precious; the GE Vivid E90 helps you save it with its all-new, AI-based technology, reducing tedious tasks while improving workflow. Using EchoPAC Software Only and EchoPAC Plug-in, the Vivid E90 means customized workflow integration specific to your practice and needs, including open standards, seamless workflow integration, and post-processing and review.

Doctor performing an echocardiogram

Experience the advantages of artificial intelligence and premium features of the Vivid E90 ultrasound system, and quickly and easily achieve accurate, reproducible, and high-quality exams. With GE’s Vivid E90, an impressive experience awaits you.

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