Sonosite Repair

As the leading provider of hand-carried, mountable ultrasound systems, Sonosite has revolutionized the idea of what is possible with modern imaging technology. Through innovative methods to create portable devices that can be transferred wherever care may be needed, it is no surprise that over 60,000 Sonosite ultrasound machines have been sold since being introduced to the market in 1999.

Portable System Repair

Our responsive, reliable, friendly, customer service team is waiting to discuss your portable repair needs.

Electronic circuit board

Board Repair

For decades AUS has been reverse-engineering repairs on PCB’s and continues to provide exceptional quality board repair across multiple manufacturers to the healthcare industry.nn nnOur combination of certified, highly trained technicians and a carefully refined repair process allows us to provide high-quality circuit board repair services.

Probe Repair

Advanced Ultrasound Systems provides probe services for a full spectrum of transducers from most major manufacturers, including 2D, 3D/4D, matrix, TEE and intracavity probes. Whether you are experiencing imaging issues or patient safety issues, we address all your probe repair needs: lens repair, strain relief, cable repair, electronics.