Founded by Toshiba, Sonosite’s first mission was to develop an ultrasound system portable enough to be carried into battles and enable the ability to make time-sensitive decisions under the worst conditions possible. With this new technology, it would then be possible to treat trauma victims within the crucial first 60 minutes of an injury occurring. This led to the creation of the Sonosite 180, a portable ultrasound system weighing less than 10 lbs. Built for the battlefield, these characteristics make it perfect for the best bedside care possible.

Boasting over 140,000 Sonosite machines installed worldwide, Sonosite has committed itself to giving clinicians the tools they need to provide effective point-of-care services. As a retailer, Advanced Ultrasound Systems provides clinics and healthcare facilities with a variety of Sonosite’s most popular portable ultrasound systems to ensure they can improve time-to-diagnosis, workflow and patient outcomes. No other manufacturer tests their machines so rigorously; however, should a problem arise, each ultrasound system is backed by the Sonosite industry-leading 5-year warranty.

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Advanced Ultrasound Systems stays constantly tuned to OEMs and technology changes to be able to support our customer base when they look for alternative service providers. We have invested heavily in our new facility and have one of the most extensive new and refurbished parts, probes, and systems inventory in the business.

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Sonosite M-Turbo

Sonosite M-Turbo

For clinicians that want striking image quality in a compact package, the Sonosite M-Turbo ultrasound system is among the most versatile option available for abdominal, vascular, nerve, pelvic, cardiac, venous access and superficial imaging. With a quick boot-up time and battery-powered operation, users not only experience true mobility but also benefit from the premium image quality provided wherever and whenever it may be needed. With a variety of suitable transducers available for the M-Turbo ultrasound system from Sonosite, clinicians and healthcare providers will have the support needed to make quick, critical decisions that affect patient outcomes.

  • Splash Resistant User Interface Protects Internal Components
  • Drop Tested Up to 3 Feet for Added Durability Assurance
  • ColorHD™ Technology Provides Clearer Diagnostic Information
  • SonoHD™ Imaging Technology Reduces Speckle Noise
Sonosite S Series

Sonosite S-Series

Designed with an intuitive touchscreen interface with a clinician-driven menu, the Sonosite S-Series has several key features that make it the perfect fit for departments like anesthesia and trauma. With a new, patented transducer technology called DirectClear and armored transducer cables, S-Series ultrasound systems not only provide a cleared diagnostic image but can help mitigate common transducer damage to prolong their use. No matter what your patient may need, the S-Series ensures that you are ready to perform an exam with minimal set-up requirements.

  • DirectClear Technology Elevates Transducer Performance
  • HFL38xi Compatible for Enhanced Color Sensitivity
  • Exam Presets Provide Ease-of-Use and Efficiency
  • Small Footprint Makes Use Possible Everywhere

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Sonosite Edge

Sonosite Edge

For critical moments that require clear ultrasound diagnostics, Sonosite Edge ultrasound systems provide enhanced imaging capabilities in a small compact form. The Edge ultrasound series from Sonosite features an easy-to-use interface that provides quick access to frequently used functions and a wide-angle display that does not require continuous adjustments when viewing. Since the Edge series was designed with infection control in mind, the ultrasound system also has a built-in keypad with a seal extended to the edge to inhibit liquid penetration and improve its ability to be disinfected.

  • DirectClear Technology Optimizes Imaging Experience
  • HFL38xi Compatible for Enhanced Color Sensitivity
  • Low-Profile Keys for Easy Cleaning and Tactile Feedback
  • Wide Range of Compatible Transducers for Variation

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Advanced Ultrasound Systems has invested heavily in our new facility and has one of the most extensive new and refurbished parts, probes, and systems inventory in the business. We take great pride in our reputation for doing whatever it takes to keep our customers happy and up and running with minimal downtime.

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