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Since its formation, Philips has had a steadfast commitment to transforming healthcare with evolving ultrasound systems that are more intelligent and capable of ensuring fast, confident decision-making for many different modalities. Philips Ultrasound has created an impressive portfolio of some of the most popular, and most effective, ultrasound systems available to modern clinics and healthcare facilities. For 26 years in a row, Philips Ultrasound Services has maintained the #1 rank for overall manufacturing performance based on customer rankings in the IMV ServiceTrak™ Survey. To accomplish this, Philips Ultrasound works to help care delivery teams make their patient’s lives better through advanced, yet user-friendly, ultrasound systems.

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As care settings continue to expand beyond traditional facilities like hospitals, Philips Ultrasound is working to expand the use of these much-needed systems to more places so more people can benefit from them. Each model provided by Philips Ultrasound provides intelligent solutions that remain at the forefront of the ultrasound industry while still delivering accurate and consistent results in the hands of any clinician or sonographer. Through superior image quality to advanced quantification, Philips ultrasound systems can provide the crucial information needed to ensure patients receive a confident diagnosis the first time in the shortest amount of time possible. From general imaging to more advanced applications, Philips Ultrasound is sure to have the perfect system to meet your needs.

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Advanced Ultrasound Systems stays constantly tuned to OEMs and technology changes to be able to support our customer base when they look for alternative service providers. We have invested heavily in our new facility and have one of the most extensive new and refurbished parts, probes, and systems inventory in the business.

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Philips iU22

Designed to be a premium, shared service ultrasound system, the Philips iU22 delivers the best image quality possible using xMATRIX transducers the combine the best characteristics of other 4D and single-crystal transducers. With a wide range of support for various modalities, the IU22 ultrasound system contains many beneficial features for OB/GYN, cardiac, vascular and radiology departments as well as specialty imaging support for MSK, elastography and pediatrics. Although introduced in 2004, the iU22 from Philips has stood the test of time and has remained the gold standard in ultrasound for more than a decade.

  • 20” Flat Panel LCD Display with Fully Articulating Extension Arm
  • XRES Adaptive Image Processing Provides Real-Time Speckle Reduction
  • iOptimize Enables One-Button System Adjustments for Patients
  • QLAB Facilitates Onboard Data Analyzing and Quantification

Philips iE33

Although similar to the iU22 ultrasound system, the Philips iE33 provides premium-level support for cardiovascular imaging and a dual touchscreen system. The Philips iE33 also includes the powerful xMATRIX and QLAB quantification package as well as a variety of other cardiovascular specific software upgrades that can provide greater clarity and diagnostic confidence for vascular and cardiac exams. Like the iU22 ultrasound system, the iE33 has remained the gold standard for cardiovascular ultrasound systems for more than a decade.

  • Two Interactive Touch Screens Improve Workflow for Cardiography
  • xMATRIX Transducer Technology Delivers Superior Image Quality
  • Live xPlane Enables the Capture of 4D Data Sets in Real-Time
  • SmartExam Protocols Support Presets for Cardiac and Vascular Exams

Philips EPIQ

As a modern line designed to replace the iU22 and iE33 ultrasound systems, Philips EPIQ ultrasound systems enable clinics and hospitals to improve the quality of care affordably. As a new class of ultrasound systems, the EPIQ line from Philips Ultrasound delivers faster, more consistent imaging support for exams. The Philips EPIQ platform enables tailored tools designed to elevate diagnostic confidence for general imaging while providing key upgrades in workflow, clinical performance and AI that help meet the most demanding challenges that clinics and healthcare facilities face daily.

  • 24” HD MAX Display Enhances Visualization Experience
  • Supports Leading Edge PureWave and xMATRIX Transducers
  • MicroFlow Imaging Expands Detail for Accessing Blood Flow
  • nSIGHT Imaging Ensures New Levels of Clarity and Definition

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Philips Affiniti

Designed to deliver balanced ultrasound solutions that require fewer resources yet also meet the demands of modern patients, the Philips Affiniti line of ultrasound systems provided the workflow improvements needed to scan quickly and deliver diagnostic results faster. With onboard tissue-specific presets, precision beamforming and automation tools, the Affiniti line from Philips Ultrasound boasts a low total cost of ownership, making it among the smartest investments for clinics or healthcare facilities. When it comes to ultrasound systems that help lighten your workload, the Affiniti line remains unmatched across the industry.

  • TouchVue Interface Allows Fingertip Control
  • aBiometry Assist AI Improves Obstetrical Exams
  • New 3D Workflow Tools Improve xMATRIX Capabilities
  • MicroTEE S8-3t Transducer Capable for Real-Time Newborn Imaging

Philips Sparq

As a mid-range ultrasound machine, the Philips Sparq is most beneficial when small size and ease of cleaning are most important. As you might imagine, these characteristics make the Philips Sparq ultrasound system extremely beneficial for not only point-of-care but also emergency rooms and operating rooms. To minimize interaction that is not exclusively required, system controls change dynamically to only show keys and automation features that are needed for the exam being performed. This intuitive design feature makes exams faster by executing workflow-specific needs.

  • AutoSCAN Provides Image Optimization and Automation
  • Quick-Start Imaging Enabled Through Exam Dashboard
  • SonoCT Ensures Compound Imaging Capabilities
  • Integrated CD/DVD RW and Export to PC or DICOM

Philips CX50

While most portable systems sacrifice functionality for size, the Philips CX50 blends the best aspects of both to create a well-rounded, transportable ultrasound system. With excellent image quality and a highly maneuverable cart, it has never been easier to bring premium ultrasound support to the bedside of a patient. As a small, lightweight ultrasound system, the Philips CX50 has been invaluable for emergency medicine and remains a popular ultrasound system choice for the support and functionality it provides. If you need a powerful yet portable ultrasound option, the CX50 from Philips can accommodate your needs with the best imaging and most advanced features possible in a portable system.

  • xMATRIX Transducer Compatible for Superior Image Quality
  • QLAB Facilitates Onboard Data Analyzing and Quantification
  • Advanced XRES Enables Adaptive Image Processing
  • 160 GB Internal Hard Drive with CD/DVD RW Drive