Since 1987, DRAMINSKI S.A. has provided quality diagnostic medical products with cutting-edge technology.

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Draminski’s imaging technology is designed to improve veterinary productivity in demanding environments. Their innovative solutions are intended to change the way veterinarians and farmers approach animal reproduction and health diagnostics. With a worldwide footprint, Draminski is a global player specializing in veterinary Point of Care Ultrasound scanners.

“We are uniquely positioned to be a veterinarian’s only ultrasound contact throughout the life of the product—we provide multi-brand choices, the expertise to assist in the decision, the training for veterinary staff, technical support, service, and after-warranty needs. We follow the practice as their complete care ultrasound vendor,” John Hryshchuk, President and CEO of AVU, a division of AUS specializing in veterinary.

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Advanced Ultrasound Systems stays constantly tuned to OEMs and technology changes to be able to support our customer base when they look for alternative service providers. We have invested heavily in our new facility and have one of the most extensive new and refurbished parts, probes, and systems inventory in the business.

Draminski Blue

DRAMINSKI BLUE is a veterinary diagnostic ultrasound scanner that provides surprisingly detailed images. Enjoy the sensitive touch screen. The scanner is second to none after the first examination. Modern ultrasound scanner with excellent Doppler ultrasonography and high-quality imaging. Designed to diagnose small animals and horses.

  • 3 Doppler Imaging Modes
  • Built in Battery
  • Large 12” LCD Touch Screen
  • Light Design
  • Convex R60 / 3,5 MHz
  • Convex R50 / 5 MHz
  • Linear L40 / 10 MHz
  • OPU R11 / 6,5 MHz
  • P-probe R20 / 6,5 MHz
  • Microconvex R15 / 6,5 MHz
  • Linear rectal probe L60 / 7 MHz
  • Carrying case
  • Power supply
  • Stand
  • 24 months for the ultrasound scanner

Draminski Blue Overview

Draminski Blue Equine

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We cover ALL aspects of Ultrasound. We can service almost any make or model system.

Draminski iScan2 MULTI

iScan 2 MULTI is a member of the iScan line and is a multi-task unit in the field ultrasound scanner with interchangeable probes

  • Large 7-inch LCD Screen
  • Durable
  • Lightweight
  • Flat Screen with Waterproof Keys
  • Linear rectal probe
  • Abdominal linear probe
  • Convex rectal probe
  • Convex abdominal probe
  • OPU
  • Backfat probe
  • Goggles
  • Screen sun shield
  • Linear rectal probe extension for cattle
  • Linear rectal probe extension for sheep
  • Gel stand-off
  • External battery
  • Battery charger with 230V charging cable
  • USB storage adapter
  • Carry straps
  • Transport case
  • 24 months for the ultrasound scanner
  • 12 months for probes
  • 6 months for the battery

iScan2 Overview

iScan2 Equine

Draminski iScan mini

iScan mini is the answer to the voice of veterinarians working in the field. Simple to use, it has a brilliant image and is not much bigger than your phone! It is an indispensable tool in the work of every veterinarian dealing with the reproduction of farm animals. Light and handy, it was created to make your work easier. Pregnancy confirmation, determination of age and sex of the fetus, diagnosis of pathologies of both ovaries and uterus, lung examination in calves and many more.

  • Linear rectal probe
  • OLED Goggles
  • External Battery
  • Battery charger
  • Carrying belts
  • Transport case
  • Android Application
  • Linear rectal probe extension for cattle
  • Linear rectal probe extension for sheep
  • 24 months for the ultrasound scanner
  • 6 months for the battery

iScan Mini Overview

Why Choose AUS?

Advanced Ultrasound Systems has invested heavily in our new facility and has one of the most extensive new and refurbished parts, probes, and systems inventory in the business. We take great pride in our reputation for doing whatever it takes to keep our customers happy and up and running with minimal downtime.

At AUS our customer service philosophy is that “The customer is always #1.”