One of the primary missions of BK Ultrasound is to help enable real-time guidance during high-pressure situations like surgery. With the advanced tools and resources provided by BK Ultrasound, surgeons can confidently and quickly make critical decisions during surgical procedures and improve patient outcomes. Surgeons are the primary customer base for BK Ultrasound systems; however, they may range across various disciplines including neurosurgeons, robotic-assisted surgeons, Hepato-Pancreato-Biliary surgeons or other patient-focused practitioners like urologists or colorectal surgeons. One primary benefit of these systems is the ability to visualize all organs at the time of surgery while also imaging the path of surgical devices.

The system options provided by BK Ultrasound provide unparalleled imaging technology for the specific needs of surgeons and many times these systems integrate seamlessly into existing operating rooms. As an added benefit, surgeons that utilize BK Ultrasound systems intra-operatively have access to dedicated training sessions and educational materials that can help improve their confidence and understanding of the entire range of BK Medical ultrasound devices. Since its inception, BK Ultrasound committed to developing its technologies to help surgeons image, guide and carefully navigate inside of the human body. That commitment stands true today from staging, through intervention and into validation, with imaging taking less than a second to complete.

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Advanced Ultrasound Systems stays constantly tuned to OEMs and technology changes to be able to support our customer base when they look for alternative service providers. We have invested heavily in our new facility and have one of the most extensive new and refurbished parts, probes, and systems inventory in the business.

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BK FlexFocus

As an award-winning family of ultrasound systems, BK FlexFocus ultrasound solutions offer unsurpassed imaging capabilities using unique transducer designs for real-time image guidance in an easy-to-use and portable platform. FlexFocus not only provides exceptional value for busy urology practices but also offers the benefit of increased speed, sensitive color Doppler and improved efficiency. With several price-points available, there is sure to be a perfect BK FlexFocus model to meet the needs of your OR facilities or urology clinic to allow you to better serve your patients.

  • Real-Time Imaging on an HD 19” Monitor
  • Supports Wide Range of Sterilizable Transducers
  • Sealed Keyboard Allows for Easy Sterilization and Disinfection
  • Optional Battery Pack Provides 4 Hours of Unplugged Use

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