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disinfectant wipe tested on ultrasound equipment!

Infection control is becoming the single most important regulation to hit the medical industry. Unfortunately, most of the disinfectant wipes used in today’s hospitals, clinics, and imaging centers cause damage to the ultrasound equipment and lead to costly repairs or the replacement of systems or probes. And, although many medical staff members mean well, ultrasound systems and transducers cannot be cleaning the same way X-Ray, CT and MRI units are. As a safe alternative, SONO Wipes are designed specifically to disinfect and clean ultrasound systems without the potentially damaging effects other disinfecting wipes can have.


SONO Wipes can destroy nearly 47 different pathogens including HIV, MRSA and staph, while also inhibiting the growth of mold or mildew. If you are still using alternative disinfectants, you could be damaging your ultrasound equipment and accruing thousands of dollars in damage. If your equipment is starting to yellow, crack or become unsafe, it’s still not too late to mitigate potential damages by switching to the only disinfectant wipe tested on ultrasound equipment!

Commitment to Quality

As a leading ultrasound and imaging supplier, we only trust SONO Wipes when cleaning our equipment. Not only do are these sanitizing wipes created specifically for ultrasound equipment, but they are also medical-grade and gentle enough for your bare hands. Advanced Ultrasound Systems offers SONO Wipes by the box, case or pallet and provides competitive pricing that is comparable to other disinfecting wipes that may currently be used to clean equipment.

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How Do You Use SONO Wipes?

Since SONO Wipes are formulated for cleaning ultrasound equipment, the steps required to use them properly may be different than expected with traditional disinfection wipes. While many of the disinfecting wipes currently used in medical settings rely on harsh chemicals, SONO Wipes are a cleaner, disinfectant, deodorizer and sanitizer that are safe for probes and other sensitive ultrasound equipment.

To get the most out of SONO Wipes, follow these 4 easy steps:

SONO Wipes
  • 1

    Clean any residual gel off before using SONO Wipes. Take one cloth and carefully wipe down the lens and surrounding surfaces of the probe. 

SONO Wipes
  • 2

    Wrap the SONO Wipe around the probe and return it to the holder to keep the transducer surface wet.

SONO Wipes
  • 3

    Leave the transducer in the holder with the wipe wrapped around it until the next patient is ready.

SONO Wipes
  • 4

    Wipe the probe cable and any surfaces that may encounter a patient after removing the SONO Wipe from the head of the probe. If needed, use multiple wipes to achieve recommended contact times.

If faster contact times are required or the equipment needs to be disinfected against Clostridium Difficile (C. Diff), alternative disinfectant wipes may be required. Once the contact for your disinfectant has been met, you can then use SONO Wipes to remove the strong chemicals that may be leftover on the probe or transducer. This approach ensures you are maintaining high safety standards imposed on the medical industry while also protecting your equipment from potential damages.

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