GE Vivid E95

22-Inch High-Resolution OLED Monitor
12-Inch LCD Touch Screen
Adjustable Floating Keyboard
Easy Mobility
2D Image Quality
4D- Strain and Auto AVQ
True Confocal Image for TEE
Virtual Apex
Automated Function Imaging
Tissue Synchornized Imaging
Intima Media Thickness
Automated Function Imaging
Automated Ejection-Fraction Calculation

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GE Vivid E95 – Cart-Based
The Vivid E95Ultrasound System takes 4D ultrasound to a whole new level – potentially helping to reduce non-diagnostic exams and cost of care. The cardiovascular ultrasound machine features GE’s latest technologies and advances in cardiac ultrasound. It is considered by some to be the best machine on the market. Compared to many conventional scanners, the system acquires more information up front, for robust image quality along with many valuable quantification tools and workflow enhancements.