As many clinics and healthcare facilities have found out the hard way, telehealth often does not meet the needs of patients if there is not a great connection. Nearly 50 million people currently live in rural areas and often lack access to high-level care that increases their risk of death from unintentional accidents, stroke or respiratory disease by 50%. In an effort to solve this issue, Nautilus Medical is pioneering a new technology called TeleRay to deliver better connections and quality by utilizing P2P networks or high-speed cellular networks whenever bandwidth might not meet minimum requirements.

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There are multiple medical situations in which a specialist requires high-quality images quickly. In these scenarios, it is not plausible to assume that the patient can be transported to a care facility quickly – particularly with the spread of COVID-19. Tools like TeleRay provide real-time support for these medical professionals across many different modalities to ensure can adjust, view and consult under high-pressure and time-sensitive situations that could greatly impact the health of a patient.

Transferring to a reliable imaging platform that meets the unique needs of telehealth patients is more important than ever and the financial benefits that can be achieved are immense. Beyond a clinical approach to care, virtual care options can also help offset revenue declines due to a decreased need for in-person visits. Since nearly 80% of all primary care visits do not require physical interaction, an efficient 15-minute appointment with TeleRay can help improve care while limiting crowded exam rooms and parking lots.

Defining the Standard

Advanced Ultrasound Systems stays constantly tuned to OEMs and technology changes to be able to support our customer base when they look for alternative service providers. We have invested heavily in our new facility and have one of the most extensive new and refurbished parts, probes, and systems inventory in the business.

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Nautilus TeleRay.Live

As a revolutionary platform, the Nautilus TeleRay.Live system can transmit real-time ultrasound examinations at the point-of-care to qualified physicians at a remote location. Through the use of patented cellular bonding technology, TeleRay.Live enables the transmission of ultrasound images with visual and audio communication to provide early access information – no matter what modality may be required. Many practices now use TeleRay.Live from Nautilus for remote specialists to enable live scans that provide instant feedback while also ensuring detailed information is obtained.

  • Easy Deployment with All Hardware Included
  • Cellular Network Functionality to Improve Reliability and Performance
  • HIPPA Compliant and FDA Registered with Advanced Encryption
  • Remote Viewing Capabilities to Improve Telehealth Care

Nautilus TeleRay.Pro

For most modalities, in-cart convenience ensures a higher level of access. For clinics and healthcare facilities that want to confidently build their telehealth and telemedicine initiatives, the Nautilus TeleRay.Pro is the easiest way to provide an immersive patient experience in every room, at any time. From bedside visits to monitoring a patient in a completely different office, the TeleRay.Pro from Nautilus has become an invaluable asset for modern healthcare facilities that are moving towards a more integrated way to improve patient care beyond the exam room or triage.

Teleray Pro
  • Shares All Key Features of Other TeleRay Ultrasound Systems
  • All-in-One Cart-Based System Includes Dolby Audio™ and Full HD Webcam
  • Removes Network Reliance with Cellular Network Integration
  • HIPPA Compliant and FDA Registered with Advanced Encryption

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Advanced Ultrasound Systems has invested heavily in our new facility and has one of the most extensive new and refurbished parts, probes, and systems inventory in the business. We take great pride in our reputation for doing whatever it takes to keep our customers happy and up and running with minimal downtime.

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