by: Jim Rickner

Correctly maintaining your ultrasound is essential for peak performance.  But what steps can we take to ensure that we complete the necessary tasks.  Start by reviewing the OEM’s user manual and seeing what steps they recommend.  Some OEMs state that no PMs (preventative maintenance services) are required but then dictate that the probe be cleaned daily or before each use, the filters be cleaned weekly, the monitor be cleaned monthly, etc.!  This sounds remarkably like tasks performed during a PM.  

Again, being familiar with the OEM requirements can be a guide for appropriate care.  But beyond the OEM suggestions there are some other steps the user and clinical engineers can take to extend the life of the system and limit equipment down time.  

Cleaning the exterior of the system daily can prevent the buildup of dust internally.  Carefully wiping down the control panel may prevent the buildup of Gel residue that can affect the buttons and trackball.  Frequently removing patient data from the hard drive can prevent sluggish system operation or downtime.  Creating regular backups can help quickly restore system settings such as network configurations.  Inspecting probes daily can prevent expensive repairs and allow time for a loaner probe to be delivered prior to a failure.  Additionally, having the system on a regular maintenance program is essential for protecting the hospitals investment and maximizing system uptime. 

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