As healthcare facilities, hospitals and clinics have an urgent need for new imaging equipment to improve patient outcomes or provide the best medical care possible, these facilities need to ensure they can obtain them. Even for companies that may have large reserves of cash, buying new ultrasound equipment outright may seem like a huge risk; however, it does not have to be with a great financing option in place and tax deductions to offset purchase prices. Fortunately, these are just a few of the benefits that can be achieved when organizations work with Advanced Ultrasound Systems to finance their new equipment.

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Why Should You Finance Ultrasound Systems?

Depending on the type of ultrasound system a facility needs, the range of available pricing options can vary widely. And, since most ultrasound systems can retain a high price point, it can be hard for smaller clinics to justify investing in modern technology to serve their patients more effectively. One of the best ways for businesses to balance expenses with increasingly important equipment is through a qualified financing plan that pays vendors up-front and allows the organization to spread out the total cost of their new ultrasound equipment purchase.

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When healthcare organizations choose to finance their new ultrasound systems, the cost of the equipment can be spread out over defined term to keep more working capital as a liquid asset for other investments like facility expansions or additional payroll requirements. This, in turn, allows the buyer to continue to grow and become more profitable while investing in modern technologies they need to better serve their patients. The only people who are benefitting from a clinic or healthcare facility not investing in new equipment are other similar organizations that are. 

How Does Section 179 Help?

Although many businesses do not realize it, almost all business equipment qualifies for Section 179 deductions for the current tax year in which the equipment was purchased. This also often includes used and refurbished equipment if it is new to the business. As a simple-to-use deduction created through the IRS tax codes, Section 179 was developed to encourage small and medium-sized businesses to actively invest in the growth of their business by encouraging them to continue to buy new equipment. When combined with financing, businesses can use the equipment to gain more revenue throughout the fiscal year while ultimately recouping those payments during tax time.

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Advanced Ultrasound Systems can help organizations interested in updating or expanding their imaging equipment navigate this tax deduction while also ensuring the perfect fit for the modality or application the ultrasound system will be used for. Our team knows how important it is for clinics, healthcare facilities and hospitals to ensure they have the right equipment to meet the needs of their patients or communities. Helping these organizations affordably obtain equipment by leveraging the Section 179 deduction is just one more aspect of our extensive customer service efforts. We invite any business interested in learning more about Section 179, to review these resources.

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Partners Capital Group is one of the largest privately held independent finance companies in the United States that specializes in equipment financing. Partners Capital has extensive experience in all business sectors and works with businesses and equipment vendors nationwide. We develop custom tailored financing progrmas backed by aggresive rates and rapid funding to help our customers maximize their profits and reduce their expenses. We finance throughout the entire United States including Hawaii and Alaska, as well as Canada.

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  • 100% Prefunding
  • Low Monthly Payments
  • Custom Financing
  • Tax Deductible Savings
  • $500,000 App Only
  • A, B, C and D Credits
  • Start-ups Accepted
  • 6 Months Deferred
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Access custom innovative financial solutions tailored to meet your business goals.

  • Finance agreements, leases, and working capital loans
  • Up to $300,000 Application only
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  • Competitive rates & Flexible terms
  • New or used equipment financing
  • 100% Prefunding
  • 3-6 Month deferred payment options
  • Quick credit decisions
  • 2-4 hour approvals
  • Potential Section 179 tax deduction
  • Real-Time Updates & E-Documents

Why Choose AUS?

At AUS, our only business is ultrasound equipment. Our team can cover all aspects of ultrasound from component-level repairs to providing retail options on new or refurbished ultrasound systems. We take great pride in our reputation for doing whatever it takes to keep our customers happy and up and running with minimal downtime. If you are ready to upgrade your existing ultrasound systems while leveraging financing options and the Section 179 deduction, contact us today to learn what is possible. We look forward to helping fulfill the needs of your clinic or healthcare facility!