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Agenda — Advanced Service Training for Siemens Sequoia

  1. Siemens Sequoia, Introduction and Overview

    A.    Introduction, Clinical Features
    B.     Physical Design
    C.     Design Features

    1.      Control Panel
    2.      Displays
    3.      Touch Screen
    4.      External I/Os
    5.      Probes

    D.    Basic Use of Logiq E9

    1.      Touch Screen menus
    2.      Dataflows


    II.   Functional Design & Theory of Operation, Siemens Sequoia

    A.   Typical Boot Sequence
    B.   Software Theory & Design

    1.    Design changes, software configurations
    2.   Installing software on Siemens Sequoia

    C.  Hardware Design and Theory of Operation

    1.      Front End PCBs

    a)      Location
    b)      Function
    c)      Front End signal flow and buses
    d)      LEDs for troubleshooting
    e)      Design changes

    2.      Student Lab, Front End Board Removal and Replacement

    3.      Back End Processor (BEP)

    a)      Components
    b)      Connections
    c)      Inputs and outputs
    d)      Design history and versions

    4.      Power Subsystem

    a)      Assemblies and functions

    5.      User Interface

    a)      Components and theory of operation
    b)      Console control and data signals
    c)      LCD monitor (touch screen)
    d)      XY and Z mechanisms


    III.   Diagnostics and Servicing of Siemens Sequoia

    A.    Tools Needed
    B.     Collecting Vital Information
    C.     Service Diagnostics
    D.    Monitor adjustments
    E.     Power Supply Troubleshooting


    IV.   Preventive Maintenance

    A.    User Maintenance
    B.     Service PMs & Quality Testing


    V.      Final Test


    Note: This is a representative schedule for the class as of the date published and is subject to change and improvement.

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Jul 16 - 17 2024


8:00 am - 5:00 pm
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