Your Comprehensive First Call Checklist for Ultrasound Machine Inspections

When caring for healthcare imaging equipment, precision and reliability are paramount. Ultrasound machines play a crucial role in diagnosing and monitoring patients, making regular inspections of the equipment a necessity to ensure accurate results and patient safety. To streamline your first call process for ultrasound machine inspections, follow this comprehensive …Read More

Ultrasound Spotlight

Ultrasound Spotlight: Aplio a-Series

With advanced technologies, seamless workflow, and adaptive ergonomics, the Aplio A-series is designed to be competitively priced while still providing multi-purpose, advanced imaging. The Aplio a550 combines industry-leading imaging technologies, advanced applications, and intuitive controls. Feature-rich, the Aplio a450 can be scaled to complement a wide range of diagnostic portfolios.  

To guarantee outstanding productivity, both …Read More

Ultrasound Spotlight: BK Flex Focus

BK Medical’s ultrasound technologies have been used to improve medical diagnostics and expand the abilities of patient care providers for over 30 years. With a unique focus on procedure-driven modalities like surgery, point of care, and urology, their award-winning range of Flex Focus ultrasound systems and transducers are well known for their distinctive real-time image capabilities as well as their portability and ease of use.Read More