After working in the Ultrasound service field for almost 2 decades one thing has become abundantly clear…customers don’t adequately back up their systems. Backing up configuration information on ultrasound systems is the foundation of equipment maintenance. The data saved during a system backup includes: customer presets, network configurations for the system and destinations, customer preferences, and options keys.  The adage, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure,” could not be more appropriately applied than with this topic.

A backup doesn’t merely consist of copying system data to a CD or USB device, you need to make sure to capture vital product data that is not contained on a normal system backup.  There are three items that need to be manually captured in addition to your copied data.  The three items are listed below:

  • Software level and part numbers
  • Options Key or License Options file
  • TCP/IP address of Host/System

If you are responsible for maintaining the ultrasound systems in your facility…Set yourself up for success by completing these easy steps.  This will allow you to be a Champ not a chump!

If you have any questions regarding the backup procedures for your ultrasound systems please contact AUS tech support and we can assist.

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By: Jim Rickner