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-Bringing affordable high-quality ultrasound to the Bovine, Equine and Small Animal Market-

TULSA, OKLAHOMA – November 10, 2022 – Advanced Veterinary Ultrasound (AVU), a Division of Advanced Ultrasound Systems, and Draminski S.A., a manufacturer of quality point of care ultrasound (POCUS), have partnered to provide superb, feature-rich systems to the veterinary market. AVU is a leading provider of veterinary ultrasound equipment, probes, service, and applications training.

Through the agreement, AVU is authorized to market, sell, and service the line of portable ultrasound systems Draminski offers such as the Draminski Blue, iScan2, and iScan Mini systems.

“We are dedicated to advancing veterinarians and their businesses through excellent imaging products and services. Our partnership with Draminski enables us to offer outstanding veterinary ultrasound,” stated John Hryshchuk, President and CEO of AVU.  “We are uniquely positioned to be a veterinarian’s only ultrasound contact throughout the life of the product-we provide multi-brand choices, the expertise to assist in the decision, the training for veterinary staff, technical support, service, and after-warranty needs.  We follow the practice as their complete care ultrasound vendor.”

Veterinary practices worldwide utilize ultrasound as their principle point of care imaging technology due to its portability as well as its non-invasive, non-radioactive, low-cost characteristics.

The AVU-Draminski veterinary solution delivers superior diagnostic imaging while providing empowerment through AVU’s expertise. AVU assists clients on a consultative level, matching technology with practice needs, helping clients through training, asset assessments, and maintenance strategies. In this way, each AVU customer can attain the highest return for their investment.

About Draminski S.A.

Since 1987, Draminski has provided quality diagnostic medical products with cutting-edge technology.  Draminski S.A. is a Polish manufacturer and global distributor of veterinary ultrasound machines and of electronic devices in the livestock breeding, agriculture, and veterinary medicine markets. Draminski’s imaging technology is designed to improve veterinary productivity in demanding environments.  Their innovative solutions are intended to change the way veterinarians and farmers approach animal reproduction and health diagnostics.  With a worldwide footprint, Draminski has over 60 certified distributors and is a global player in both the human and veterinary market, with a focus on veterinary Point of Care Ultrasound scanners.

About Advnanced Veterinary Ultrasound

Advanced Veterinary Ultrasound, a division of Advanced Ultrasound Solutions, is your complete care solution for veterinary.  After 20 years of supporting ultrasound customers, AUS stands by a commitment to quality through AVU in everything ultrasound: Systems, Service, Probes, Training, and Consulting.  AVU harnesses their decades of expertise for the benefit of all veterinary organizations. A massive inventory of systems, parts, and probes is housed in their 20,000 square foot facility along with labs for PCB repair, portable system repair, and probe repair.  AVU takes a consultative approach, listens to the needs of the client and works within the client’s budget.  AVU helps match practice needs with a system and probes and assists with financing.  AVU’s support and training of its clients throughout the lifetime of their investment make AVU the complete ultrasound care solution for animal hospitals, imaging centers, clinics, and facilities nationwide.

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About Advanced Ultrasound Systems

Advanced Ultrasound Systems is the complete ultrasound care solution for both human and veterinary. Headquartered in Tulsa, Oklahoma, AUS has successfully serviced and sold ultrasound since 2001. Today AUS, an ISO 13485 certified organization, provides ultrasound service as well as new and used equipment, probes, and parts across a wide variety of makes and models. Empowering clients with technical support, systems service training, and clinical applications support, AUS harnesses their decades of expertise for the benefit of ultrasound sonographers, purchasers, and servicers. A massive inventory of systems, parts, and probes is housed in their 20,000 square foot facility along with labs for PCB repair, portable system repair, and probe repair. White-glove service and consultative ultrasound advice, makes AUS the complete ultrasound care solution for hospitals, imaging centers, clinics, and healthcare facilities nationwide.

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