(Tulsa, OK, 12/16/2020) – Originally founded in 2001, Advanced Ultrasound Systems has always worked to stay on the cutting edge of ultrasound technologies and innovative technology that actively impact the future of healthcare. As a leading retailer and service provider for all things ultrasound, Advanced Ultrasound Systems can now help deploy Nautilus TeleRay systems that meet clinical and compliance needs quickly while also optimizing the delivery of medical imaging to remote locations.

As a result of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, many healthcare facilities and clinics have needed a stable and reliable ultrasound option to meet the telehealth needs of patients. Unfortunately, implementation is often incredibly expensive and may create new issues during a time when it is necessary. As a pioneer working to expand telehealth capabilities, Nautilus has developed a new technology called TeleRay to enable better connections and quality by utilizing P2P networks or high-speed cellular networks when bandwidth does not meet minimum requirements.

Because telemedicine was developed very quickly, many clinics and healthcare providers turned to software like Zoom, WeChat or Facetime to quickly begin seeing patients; however, this inherently causes security concerns and may negatively impact the level of care the patient is receiving. As a HIPPA-compliant platform that allows for immediate onboarding of patients, TeleRay interfaces with existing scheduling systems that a practice may be using. Many practices nationwide now use Teleray.Live or Teleray.Pro to allow remote specialists to transmit live scans that provide instant feedback to a qualified physician – even at remote locations.

To expand remote medical imaging capabilities through telemedicine, Advanced Ultrasound Systems is actively working with clinics and healthcare facilities that want to expand their telehealth initiatives from bedside medical imaging that can be transmitted to a remote physician to providing an immersive patient experience, no matter where they may be. This is just another step Advanced Ultrasound Systems has taken to provide complete care for their customers while also building the framework to allow for better patient outcomes nationwide during a time of crisis and uncertainty.

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