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Ultrasound system carts use plates than can lock front to back movement as well as steering rotation when pressure is applied to the plate by the user’s foot. If this pressure is weakened, then the casters move while in locked mode.  This could cause injury and/or damage to the break assembly.


Did you know that most systems provide the ability to adjust the pressure on the brake casters?

NOTE: When adjusting the brakes, be sure to make the adjustments with the brakes OFF.  For manual adjustments, I recommend turning a half turn at a time.  Make sure that the brakes can be easily engaged after adjustments.  Remember, over tightening can result in the brake pedal releasing suddenly injuring the user or can damage the brake assembly itself.

Philips iU22/iE33:

Cart level D and earlier allow you to adjust the length of the linkage manually and E carts and later models have automatic brake adjustments.

GE Logiq/Vivid E9/ Logiq 9/ Vivid 7:

These systems have an adjustment on each brake. You will need to remove the cover and insert an Allen wrench to tighten and loosen the brakes.


Siemens S2000/S3000:

The older versions have an adjustment nut on the bottom of the caster, the second nut allows you to tighten and loosen the brakes.

The newer version uses a linkage assembly to adjust the brakes. Remove the C-clip and drop the linkage down to loosen the locking nut. This will allow you to spin the linkage to tighten or loosen the brakes.


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