In March 2014, Advanced Ultrasound Systems purchased a new 20,000 sq. ft. facility to help accommodate the steady growth the business had seen. With this new space, our team was able to expand our testbed facilities, repair and diagnostics department, parts and probes inventory and inventory of refurbished systems. In addition to this growth, Advanced Ultrasound Systems also expanded capabilities to offer depot repair services, portable ultrasound device repairs and new dedicated training facility space.

With these new facilities, Advanced Ultrasound Systems has created new opportunities for us to better serve our customers and accommodate the growing need for ultrasound repair services that are fast and affordable while also better managing the retail and training services that our customers rely on. This dedication to improving our ability to expand and better meet the needs of the medical, veterinary and imaging industries is one of the key factors that make Advanced Ultrasound Systems the perfect partner for clinics and healthcare facilities nationwide.

Commitment to Quality

As a leading provider of ultrasound repair and retail services, Advanced Ultrasound Systems makes continual investments in our field service team to ensure that our technicians are the best the industry has to offer. By staying on pace with changing technologies throughout the imaging industry and working directly with ultrasound manufacturers for training, our field service engineers are sure to provide excellent service whenever it may be needed.

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Dedicated Testbed Stations

As an independent service organization, Advanced Ultrasound Systems was one of the first companies created to specialize in ultrasound repair that included full diagnostics and functionality testing on dedicated testbeds. With factory-trained engineers that can work on most OEM ultrasound systems, our testbeds are designed with quick turnaround times and fast diagnosis in mind. No matter what problem you may have with your ultrasound system, our facility is sure to have a dedicated testbed ready to determine the root cause and initiate your repairs as soon as possible to minimize downtimes.

Parts Inventory Storage

Standing out as the leading provider of both new and discontinued parts required for many OEM ultrasound systems, Advanced Ultrasound Systems has an impressive inventory of over 15,000 unique components and buttons. With the growth of our facilities, we can store even more products as they become available and ensure we do not need to order parts that could extend the repairs process time. By expanding our parts inventory capabilities in our facilities, Advanced Ultrasound Systems is prepared for any minor or advanced repairs that may be required by our customers.

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Probe Repair Stations

In addition to dedicated testbed stations, Advanced Ultrasound Systems has also invested in probe repair stations. Although an expensive yet vital part, probes are generally the first component to go out on ultrasound systems. By expanding our facilities to include probe repair stations, we can affordably repair most OEM probes back to a usable and safe state. This addition to our existing facilities ensures we are helping customers find the most cost-effective solutions for their unique needs.

Training Rooms

Advanced Ultrasound Systems regularly provides classes in our dedicated training rooms located at our headquarters in Tulsa, Oklahoma. By creating dedicated training rooms, we have created an interactive environment that allows students to work with dozens of OEM ultrasound systems. Students graduate our classes knowing how to service systems and complete performance testing that ensures maximum up-time and clinical efficacy, with or without OEM cooperation.

System Training

Why Choose AUS?

Advanced Ultrasound Systems has invested heavily in our new facility and has one of the most extensive new and refurbished parts, probes, and systems inventory in the business. We take great pride in our reputation for doing whatever it takes to keep our customers happy and up and running with minimal downtime.

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