Defining The Standard

For decades, Advanced Ultrasound Systems (AUS) has been a revolutionary force in the imaging industry. As pioneers in ultrasound repair, we’ve established industry-leading standards that countless organizations rely on today. In fact, even our competitors trust AUS for their own ultrasound repair needs, a testament to our unmatched expertise and quality.

This leadership position wasn’t built overnight. It stemmed from a deep understanding of the imaging industry’s challenges and needs. By consistently focusing on delivering optimal solutions, AUS steadily carved its path to prominence. This unwavering commitment to excellence continues to shape who we are and how we empower the industry forward.

Kirk Presenting award to John

Pioneering Innovation in Ultrasound Repair

Driven by a revolutionary vision, John Hryshchuk established Advanced Ultrasound Systems (AUS) in 2001. This pioneering company was among the first to offer component-level ultrasound repair, setting a new standard for in-depth diagnostics and functionality testing on dedicated testbeds. Its immediate success and market demand fueled a logical expansion into selling ultrasound parts, probes, systems, and field service, making AUS a one-stop solution for clinics and healthcare facilities.

Since its inception, AUS has consistently expanded its repair capabilities, remaining at the forefront of cutting-edge ultrasound technology. This dedication to growth stems from a profound understanding of industry needs and a commitment to meeting the demands of an ever-growing customer base. This expertise is rooted in John’s extensive experience, dating back to 1997 when he began performing reverse engineering repairs on PCBs. Today, AUS leverages this deep knowledge to empower healthcare professionals with reliable, expert-level ultrasound solutions

Your Trusted Partner for Cutting-Edge Repair and Service

At Advanced Ultrasound Systems (AUS), we’re passionate about exceeding customer expectations. Our team stays ahead of the curve by continuously monitoring Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) advancements and technology trends. This ensures we can seamlessly support your needs when you seek alternative service providers.

Our commitment to excellence extends beyond repairs. We’ve implemented a rigorous Quality Assurance (QA) process, consistently raising the bar for all repairs, parts, and systems we offer. To achieve this, we actively engage with the market and solicit customer feedback, ensuring we’re always in sync with your evolving needs.

Fueled by our commitment to growth, we expanded to a sprawling 20,000 sq. ft. facility in March 2014. This expansion empowered us to significantly enhance our capabilities:

  • State-of-the-art testbed facility: Guarantees accurate diagnoses and repairs.
  • Robust repair and diagnostics department: Offers comprehensive solutions for all your ultrasound needs.
  • Expanded parts and probes inventory: Minimizes downtime by ensuring immediate access to essential equipment.
  • Refurbished systems inventory: Provides cost-effective alternatives for budget-conscious customers.
  • Dedicated depot repair services: Handles complex repairs efficiently.
  • Portable ultrasound device repairs: Ensures uptime even for on-the-go equipment.
  • New training facility: Empowers your staff with the latest ultrasound expertise.

Choose AUS for unparalleled service, cutting-edge technology, and unwavering dedication to your success.